Acoustical ceiling removal

Until the mid-nineties, most new homes in America came with an acoustical texture on the ceiling known as popcorn, cottage cheese, etc.   The appearance of acoustic ceilings has become very dated.  The removal of this material, along with the application of a new, more modern texture, is the single most effective way to update your home and add value for prospective buyers.

        The process starts with a protection phase in which we cover furniture walls and floor with plastic which is masked down to hold it in place.  When the entire area is bagged off with plastic, we then start the removal phase.

         We begin this process by lightly spraying the acoustic material with water.  This softens the material and makes it much easier to scrape off .  Water also helps to eliminate dust that may have been created during the removal process.

         Next, a qualified drywall finisher will coat your ceiling seams and joints with mud to ensure a smooth surface. 

        Now your ceiling is ready for the texture application.  Texture is applied by spraying solid pattern over  the entire ceiling.